Ann Hammer
Creative Content Especially For You
Ann Hammer
Creative Content Especially for You

Ann Hammer - Freelance Writer, Professional Blogger, Training ConsultantHello and Welcome,


As a freelance writer, professional blogger, and training and instructional design consultant, I write Creative Content Especially for You. I’m Ann Hammer.

Creative Content means I take information and turn it into compelling, engaging content for web pages, blog posts, social media profiles and updates, training materials, bios and resumes that are written to be just right for you and your goals.

Is this You?

Professinal Blogger solves internet marketing burdenAs a savvy business owner you know the power of the internet. You put a lot of time and money into marketing and your web page looks great. But everybody is so busy doing their jobs nobody has time to keep updating the content.

There isn’t time to keep up with the changes and write  and publish good content at the same time. Add social media into the mix and it is enough to make your head spin.

Time Management Problems and Related Questions

  • What should we share and how often?
  • What changes are relevant?
  • What do our customers want to know about us?
  • How do we present our information in a way that builds relationships with our current customers? 
  • How do we tell prospective customers who we are and what we are about?
  • Which forums should I chose?
  • Do I blog, post, tweet, make videos?
  • How do I prioritze internet marketing with everything else?
  • Who do I pull away from important work to do it?
  • Just where are we going to find the time to do all of this?

That's Where I Come In

Your expertise is your business and making it work. Writing is mine.

My specialty is to take your information, learn your goals and philosophies and then create content for web pages, blog posts, social media profiles, social media updates, about us information, and anything else you might need.

My gift is to turn this information into a story that is engaging and compelling and builds relationships.

Since this is my expertise, I can do it easily and that makes me the answer to your time-management problems.

Social media marketing and professional blogging does not make my head spin. I think it's fun.

You work hard to make a successful business, you deserve a little help. 

Call me to write Creative Content Epecially for You.

For a consultation email:
or call 303-885-7302